Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 Things I Would Save In A Fire


Hey guys,

I recently found out about a blog called "That New Girl" .Besides being a blogger, Talisa also has a YouTube channel which is also called "That New Girl".You should check out  her channel as well as her blog.  I was reading through her posts and she had one called "10 Things I Would Save In A Fire" which sounded interesting to think about. It's  little hard to think about because nobody want to think about their house being on fire. After thinking about it, here are the 10 things I would save in a fire:

My Laptop- Of course as it has all of my college papers, music, pictures and pretty much everything else that you have on a laptop.

My purse (and everything that is in it).

My phone-Of course!

My stuffed Hippo -My (ex)boyfriend gave it to me this Valentine's Day. Update- I no longer owe this, so I'll update my 10 things when I make another post about this topic

My planner- As I write down all of my posts ideas on the particular day I want to publish them plus I need to write down all of my assignments, papers, etc. (Forgot to rotate it, sorry).

My 3 pairs of leggings -That's what I'm normally wearing(Yes, I know that's only one pair).

A plate that my grandparents got for their 40th wedding anniversary -They are both passed so I have it in memory of them.

My wedding planning binder- No, I'm not engaged. I'm a girl and like thinking about that day and writing down my ideas (It's flipped over due to privacy).

My "Amanda"bag -It has a lot of different important folders in it.

My Ty dog- My Grandma used to collect dogs and she had a whole big collection of dogs items (figurines, stuffed, beanie babies, etc.) so I have that in memory of her.

If your house was on fire, what would you save? Let me know in the comments below, and again you should check out Talisa's  blog and YouTube channel.

<3 Amanda


  1. I'd probably be too concerned grabbing my dogs to worry about anything else.

    1. Pets are family. You want them to be safe as well.