Friday, April 28, 2017

Q and A Part Two


Hey guys,

Here's my part two for my Q and A. Enjoy!  :) 

Q: If there is any place in the world that you could visit, where would you go, for how long and why?
A: Hmm.. I would say either Oregon because I have family and friends who lives there or California because I also have friends (from college) who I have never met in person yet.  I would probably stay a week or so in both states. 

Q: I'm curious about your Myer Briggs.
A: I know that this isn't a question but I was interested to see if my results has changed since I took the test earlier this year for a class.  I was very surprised that my results were exactly the same; ISFJ. The percentages were different tho. 

Q: What's your inspiration?
A: I would say my inspiration is the ability to be able to spread awareness about important things,being able to help others and making my readers smile.

Q: What have you learned from blogging?
A: I have learned that just like in real life some people just don't like you and in the blogging world, there are some people who doesn't like your blog and that's perfectly okay.

Q: Who are 5 bloggers you admire?
A: I admire more than 5 bloggers since I still consider myself a newbie but here are 5:

  1. Cindy  @ 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 old house. She is a mother and a wife and still makes time to publish great posts.
  2. Savanna  @ Tate Party of 8 and HayesTough. I admire how strong of a person she is.
  3. Desteny @ A Frugal Desteny. She is also a mother and a wife who makes time to publish great posts.
  4. Jenna @ The Urben Life. Her husband and her makes a cute couple  :)
  5. Kristyn  @ Everyone's Sleeing But Mom. Her and her husband are expecting their second child later this year!

Q: What apps and programs do you use/ones you like/wish you could use/ones you hate?
A: I'm not really positive by what she means by "apps and programs", so I'm going to answer the question basing my answer off of social medias.  I use Facebook, Twitter, Google + and recently got into Bloglovin'. I haven't been into Pinterest  (for blog related) or Instagram because I don't feel like they fit my blog/personality and I feel content with the social medias I use. A great thing about blogging is that not all social medias are going to work for everyone.

<3 Amanda 

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