Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Recently Found YouTube Channels

 Hey guys,

If you're anything like me, you like finding new YouTube channels to watch.  I like locating new families YouTubers to watch because you get to see what goes on in their daily/weekly lives.  I like doing these types of posts because I like to help promote YouTubers as well as bloggers, and help get them more subscribers and views on their videos. 

iJustine( YouTube Channel):  I learned about her channel through another YouTuber, Rosanna Pansino. She is a very funny person.  She posts videos like vlogs, cooking videos, challenges and much much more.  Her social medias are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog. She also wrote a book, which you can order here.

Still Family (YouTube Channel): This family includes parents Sam and Nicole, and children Valor, Aurora and Juliette.  They are a YouTube family that I think should have more subscribers than they have. They post daily vlogs so you should definitely check out their cute family. Their social medias are Instagram, Facebook and Blog.

The LeRoy's (YouTube Channel): This family includes Cory, Shanna, Kesley, Rhett,Reese,  Perri .and the dog of the family Lucy.   Cory and Shanna also have another son, Logan, in Heaven. He sadly passed away at the age of 8 month in December of 2006. He had heart disease. This family is a very strong family. They post videos like Q and A's, Routines, Challenges, Vlogs and more. Their social medias are Instagram (Shanna), Instagram (Kesley) and Twitter.

The Gruvey Life (YouTube Channel): This family consists of parents Keith and Summer. Their  daughters are Peyton,  Presley,  Harper and soon baby girl,Hanna. They are a really adorable family. They are a daily vloggers.  Their social medias are Instagram(Summer), Instagram (Keith), Twitter (Summer), Twitter (Keith) and Facebook.

The Ohana Adventure (YouTube Channel): Another family YouTube channel includes parents:Rachel and Jase. Their children are Klai ,Rykel ,Shae ,Wyatt , Evelin  and Cora. They post videos like Q and A's, pranks, challenges, routines and much more. Klai and Rykel have their own channel called RyKlai Their social medias are Instagram and Twitter.

All of these YouTubers/ families are all amazing. I definitely recommend them all to you to watch. You won't regret checking their channels out!

<3 Amanda 

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