Saturday, April 22, 2017

No Man Should Ever Hit A Woman


Hey guys,

I was debating on writing a blog post about this just because I didn't want to provide any information about where I'm located (for safety/privacy reasons) but this just made me really mad and sad. I told myself that I needed to write a blog post about this to bring awareness. There will be missing information from this story as I don't want to give location/names for others privacy. 

Here's the story:

I have seen on Facebook that a family friend since we were little was assaulted by a "man". It's hard to call him a man because if he was a man, he wouldn't have hit her. She now sadly has two black eyes, a concussion, and a fractured eye. Their school allowed him (even though they said he was suspended for 10 days) to go back to school to finish some important testing, which I think is stupid. Yes, testing is important but also my friend's safety is way more important.  What is also stupid is that she and her family have been told that if she posted on Social Media about what happened, that she could get suspended.  

NO GUY SHOULD EVER LAY THEIR HANDS ON A WOMAN. I have been abused myself but not that badly and it makes me sad that she had to go through that. An ex tried to force me to have sex with him,  I have been pushed up against a wall not letting me move which felt like forever and was yelled at which emotionally abused me. I have also been pushed and fallen onto a computer chair and got a pretty bad bruised foot by having it slammed into a door, which physically abused me. 

Something else that makes me mad is that she was just sticking up for her best friend who he was bullying and he then decided to go after her later in the day. This again just makes me mad because it is telling other girls that if they stick up for their friends who are getting bullied, that they will be the one who gets attacked.  Bullying needs to end!

If you see someone getting bullied, please tell a teacher or school official. These stories makes me sad and mad to read and hear about.

<3 Amanda 

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  1. No man - real or unreal should hit a woman. No one should hit anybody. Thanks for the message. It needs to reach every corner of the world.