Saturday, April 29, 2017

Q and A Part Three (Final Part)


Hey guys,

Here is the conclusion of my first Q and A series. 

Q:Who has been your biggest support?
A: Beside myself, I would have to say my readers because although I do love to write, I love being able to provide a blog post for my readers each day.  All of the comments that they leave are so nice and they make me feel happy and I want to spread the happiness with my readers by giving them something that will make them feel happy, smile or have them see that if they are going through something then I might have been in their situation in the past and read how I overcame it and got through it.

Q; What do you like to write about?
A: I write about an assortment of things. I write about cancers, disease and other important things, especially bullying because I think there should definitely be more attention towards those. I also write reviews on different products. I have a list of blog topics I want to write about. 

Q: Where do you see your blog going in the future?
A: My goal for my blog is to continue to have a friendly atmosphere for my readers. I want to, one day, create like an "Ask Friday" where my readers ask me for advice, however I'm not a certificated counselor. I just want my readers especially if they are teens or young ladies because I feel like I have been through a lot and could help them get through what they are going through..

Q: Are there any "subscriptions" you recommend  (newsletters,service-subscriptions to actual people or service providers)?
A: This is something that I need to get better at. I don't think I'm subscribed to anything. I have liked fellow bloggers' Facebook pages and followed them on Twitter. 

Q:Have you seen growth- why or why not?
A: Since I have started blogging, I have most definitely seen a growth. At the beginning, you might have a small audience but as you continue your audience grows. 

Q: What is your best moment and worst moment? What did you learn?
A: Hmmm.. I would say that my best moments has been getting an article accepted for a debuting online magazine and interacting with other bloggers.  My worst moment would be writing up a quick post and not getting that many views on it. I learned that the overall product is better when you work on it longer than just a few minutes.  It's okay to take a break from publishing a post if you are taking a few days to make a post great. 

Q: What communities or bloggers do you follow and why?
A: I would consider each of my blogging Facebook groups as "communities" and I'm involved in a few. Everyone is so helpful when I ask a question.  The list of bloggers I follow is a long list. Like I said I follow fellow bloggers on Twitter and also Like bloggers' Facebook pages. Each blogger is different so it's interesting to read what everyone publishes. 

If you have any questions for me for future Q and A's, make sure to leave them down below or on my Facebook page, here.

<3 Amanda 

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