Saturday, April 15, 2017

Favorite TV Shows Back Then (1990-2009)


Hey guys,

I thought it would be interesting to do a little comparison on what my favorite shows growing up were versus what my favorite TV shows are now. This post will be about the shows that I liked growing up.

90's TV Shows

  • Boy Meets World (1993-2000)-  I liked this show because it showed a regular family. My favorite characters were Amy (the mom) and Topanga.   I have watched the spin off (Girl Meets World) before it was canceled.
  • Rugrats (1990-2006)
  • Saved By The Bell- Every morning in middle school before we left for the bus, one of my brothers and I would watch SBTB, it's a good memory. Looking at the years it was on TV, it says 1989-1992, so I guess they were just playing repeats
  • Full House (1987-1995)- This was one of my favorite shows growing up. My favorite episode was (*spoiler alert) when Michelle fell off of the horse and had amnesia. She said "So you're my dad (to Danny), where's my mom?"  That was a sad episode.  Yes, I have watched Fuller House and loved that as well.
  • The Amanda's Show (1999-2002)- I wasn't really allowed to watch this show but I would sneak in and watch it anyways. It was a funny show and it had my name in the title   :) 
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996-2003)

2000's TV Shows

  • Zoey 101 (2005-2008)
  • As Told By Ginger (2000-, pretty sure it's off now)
  • In A Heartbeat (2000-2001)- This was a good show. It was sad when it didn't return.
  • Even Stevens (2000-2003)
  • Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)-  My favorite character was, of course,  Lorelai (Lauren Graham),  I have seen "A Year in the Life " and want to see what happens after that ending.
  • Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004)
  • That's So Raven (2003-2007)
  • strong medicine (2000-2006)-  I would watch this show every night that it was on. If anyone was in the living room, I would asked them to be quiet because I wanted to be able to hear/watch everything that happened. My favorite characters were Dana,Lu, and Robert.

Have you seen any of these shows? If so, which ones did you like? What were your favorite 90's and 2000's  (up to 2009) shows?

<3 Amanda 


  1. I was obsessed with Charmed. Started re-watching it last week!

    1. I have watched a few episodes of that over the years.