Monday, April 3, 2017

Favorite YouTubers Pt.2

Hey guys,

I decided to post my second Favorite YouTubers post.  There will be more parts as I like watching a lot of channels. There are some videos that I have missed but when you like a lot of YouTubers, it's hard to watch every single video.

Emily Wowk (YouTube Channel):  Emily is a young mom to her two adorable girls; Jayda and Briella (which are cute names).Briella actually just turned 1 year old this last month so happy belated birthday! She's in a relationship with Brady and they make a really cute couple. I think she's a great mom to her daughters. She posts hauls, reviews, favorite videos, tips and much more. Besides checking out her channel, you should check out her other social media sites; Instagram,and Twitter,

HeyKayli (YouTube Channel): Kayli is the wife of Casey Butler, and mother to Brailee , Gage, Winston and soon baby girl Layla in April. Like Emily, I think she's a great mom to her children and now she has 2 boys and 2 girls.On her channel, she posts videos of crafts, gift guides, unboxings, and more.  She is also involved in another channel called The Mom's View. Casey also has a YouTube Channel, which is caseylavere.  You can check Kayli out on her social media accounts. They are: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Love Meg (YouTube Channel):  Megan is an another young mom and her children are adorable (Julie and Ross). Her husband, Justin, is a firefighter. They also have their dog, Molly. If you love organizing and cleaning, you should definitely check out her channel as she posts a lot of those types of videos. She also posts hacks, routines and more. Her social media sites are Instagram and Twitter

Marissa is a mommy (YouTube Channel): Marissa is the mother of cute little Brooklynn. The types of videos that she posts are cleaning, favorites, hauls, unboxings and more. She has had tough times but she is a very strong person and a great role model to her daughter. Her social media sites are: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Dyches Fam (YouTube Channel): The Dyches Family consists of Josh, Christina, Tayden,  Nikoi, William and Roswell. This family loves sports especially the children. They love gymnastics, basketball and soccer. They post videos like: challenges, sports, hauls and more. You can check out their social media sites which are Facebook, Instagram, Instagram (Christina's), Twitter and Twitter (Christina's).

Allen Family Vlogs (YouTube Channel): The Allen Family includes Brandon, Crystal and baby girl Adelynn . Oh, and you can't forget about Tex (their dog). On this channel, they post unboxings,Q and A's, challenges and more; especially videos of cute little Addy. Crystal has her own channel named Mrs Crystal Allen, where she posts videos like baby updates, hauls, baby must have and more. Their social medias are as followed: Facebook, and  Instagram.

If you're looking for new YouTubers to watch, I definitely recommend these YouTubers.

<3 Amanda 


  1. If you like family vloggers then I would recommend the Saccone Jolys :)

    • Jane Wonder •

    1. I have heard of them. Didn't they just have their 3rd baby?