Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Questions I Ask Myself


Hey guys,

I thought this topic would be a good topic to post about because everyone has their own questions that they would ask themselves.  The questions I would ask myself are:

  1. Will I ever find the one and get married?
  2. Will I have the privilege of having children and how many?
  3. Will I be a good mother?
  4. What type of career will I have with my degree?
  5. Will I ever learn how to drive and get my license? 
  6. Will my blog turn into something more?
  7. Will I find a career that has to do with writing?
Have you guys ever sat down and thought of some questions that you would ask yourself? Have you been able to answer them? I hope to be able to answer all of my questions one day and who knows, maybe I'll write posts about each of the answers.

<3 Amanda 

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