Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Favorite Recent Songs

Hey guys,

If you're anything like me, you love listening to music. One of the best things is when you can find a song that describes how you're feeling at that particular time.   Sometimes, you also find songs that reminds you of people who have sadly passed and it's a good and bad feeling when you listen to the songs. It's a bad feeling because it makes you sad and sometimes cry,but also a good feeling because you know that they are looking down on you at all times and are always with you. Here are my 5 recent favorite songs:

Road Less Traveled- Lauren Alaina 
What I got out of this song is that it's okay to be yourself and doing what you love to do even if others might disagree.Being yourself is always the important thing rather than following what others do.

Footloose- Blake Shelton
I know that this isn't his song but I like his version. I like how upbeat it is.I have told myself that I want this song played at my wedding (whenever that will be, I have no clue) but I think I'd just end up making a fool of myself because I cannot dance!

Lost Boy- Ruth B.
This is a very recent song that I came upon on and I really like it, It's actually kind of addicting and it's a catchy song.  I may or may not have sung along before. 

Jealous Of The Angels- Jean Bostic
This is one of the songs that reminds me of someone who have sadly passed away, and that would be a former teacher of mine. I know whenever I think of this song or when it comes on in my YouTube playlist that it is playing for a reason. That reason is that she wants me to know that she is looking down on me and am proud of me. 

Better Man-Little Big Town
Since I have been in relationships before that weren't the greatest, I feel like this song would fit those situations. I thought the guys were better then they were but they ended up either cheating on me, ditching me, abusing me or breaking up with me over a text or through Facebook. I know my guy is out there somewhere and he would never cheat on me or abuse me. 

Have you ever heard any of these songs? What are some of your favorite songs (they don't have to be recent favorites)?

<3 Amanda 

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