Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Cookies For Basically Anyone

Hey guys,

So I did have this whole post planned out in my head but life gives you downs and you have to get through them,which I think I'm doing okay with the situation I was put into recently. I was going to show you step by step but on the day that I made these cookies my mind was all over the place.

Thank You For Being An "Egg-cellent" (Blank) Easter Cookies


I actually used the rolled kind but forgot to take a picture.

Smarties (You can use any candy you want)

Neon Food Coloring ( I chose Neon because they looked more like spring colors to me).

Pam Spray


Easter Plates
Vanilla Frosting 

I baked the cookies,then let them cooled. While they were cooling, I got 4 different bowls out and use each color of the food coloring (purple, green,blue and pink).  I frosted the cookies and either left them plain, decorated with sprinkles or smarties. I chose to write on a little tag that said "Thank you for being an "egg-cellent" neighbor".

One of the plates

Do you guys have any Easter baking recipes? 

<3 Amanda 

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