Saturday, June 25, 2016

10 Weird Things About Me

(Pre-written on Friday: I wasn't sure what to post for tomorrow as I'll be at my boyfriend's house for the weekend and I don't want to bring my laptop with me so I decided to just do a simple post for today and have it scheduled to go up tomorrow).

Everyone has their own list of weird things about themselves. Here are 10 weird things about myself: 
  1. I don't like apples or apple juice but I like apple sauce.
  2. I like putting cheese between 2 pieces of bread, putting it in the microwave then dipping it in ketchup and mustard
  3. When I have ketchup and mustard,I have to add them together
  4. I sometimes put syrup on my eggs
  5. If I'm writing something in pencil and I don't like how I wrote a word, I'll erase it and rewrite it.
  6. I cannot take medicine if someone is watching me. 
  7. I can rarely brush my teeth if someone is watching me.
  8. I dislike leaving voice mails
  9.  I cannot lick envelopes. I think they taste gross so I use tape to seal them.
  10. When I get nervous, my foot moves back and fourth; like my legs will be crossed while sitting and the foot of the leg that's on top will move back and fourth.(No idea if that make sense).
Let me know down below if you can relate to any of these things.

<3 Amanda 

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