Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Scariest Airplane Ride

In August of 2001, we went to Montana with my mom's side of the family. We all met at the airport and my grandma gave all of us grandchildren candy and a little stuffed animal.We then boarded the plane and everything was going well until we hit some turbulence..okay actually more than "some" turbulence. This might be tmi but in my immediate family, my oldest brother and I were the only ones that did not throw up due to the amount of turbulence. We landed safety and to this day I still remember the conversation between my dad and the pilot. He was standing at the front of the plane like they normally do after the pilot lands the plane with the flight attendants. My dad thanked him for keeping us safe and landing the plane. I'm one hundred percent serious, the pilot told him that he didn't think he was going to land the plane either so that kinda put things into perspective.

My grandma set up a luncheon type thing at the airport since we had to be at the airport really early in the morning.But due to all of the turbulence we had,nobody wanted to eat. It also really scary thinking about it because the next month is sadly when 9/11 happened. R.I.P. All of the lives lost on that day. Our airplane ride to Montana is one that I will never forget.

<3 Amanda