Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Movie Review #1: "Letters To God"


I watched this movie a few months ago and this is a movie that has actually stayed in my mind. I don't think anyone could get through this movie without losing a few tears. This movie is based on a boy, named Tyler, who has cancer.  The movie is titled "Letters To God" because he writes letters to God. This movie is based on a true story, which you can read here. I would definitely give this movie a 10/10 stars.

I have been inspired to write a letter to God for awhile now so I am going to write one right now:

Dear God,

I first just wants to start off by saying thank you for putting happiness and also struggles in my life. I might sound crazy because I'm thanking you for putting struggles into my life but honestly all of the struggles just makes me a stronger person. I have had some struggles that I thought I couldn't make it through(for example, break-ups, my parents' divorcing, my mom being diagnosed with Parkinson's, etc.).Having you, family and friends, I made it through those times.

I know you can see everything that is happening down here and you are the one who places two people together. Thank you for placing my boyfriend in my life. I know it has only been a month that we have been together but I haven't been this happy in a long time and I needed to be happy again after everything that has happened these past few months. I really hope and pray that you don't separate us because I really hope that he's the one that I'm supposed to be with. 

I know wherever you place me in this world that it is the place I'm supposed to be at. You are the one who has a plan for me. I hope you are proud of me. God, please tell my family and friends who are up there with you that I love them and I hope I'm making them proud as well. You have someone up there who has impacted my life in a big way. Her name is Abbey and she was a former teacher of mine. I had her in seventh grade for science She was such an amazing teacher. I'm having a hard time tonight. I wished I could update her on so much but I know she is looking down on me and already know what I'm going to update her on. I hope she is proud of me.She was one of the people who influenced me to go into the educational field and become a teacher. I want to give back to the next generations what my teachers;especially her; gave me and that was support, encouragement, and patience. I hope to be a great teacher like she was and I hope I can impact as many students as she did.


I would definitely recommend "Letters To God". If you wrote a letter to God, what would you say?

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