Wednesday, June 8, 2016

National Best Friend Day


When I googled fun holiday dates, I read that June 8th is considered National Best Friend Day. Now I wouldn't say I only have just one best friend, Some of my female best friends have actually turned into unbiological sisters. I wanted to write little notes and tell them thank you. I'm only going to write the first letter of their names for their privacy (Side note: I have 2 best friends who starts with an "A", so I just included their second letter as well). 

I first have to start off with my dad though. Thank you for being an amazing father and one of my best friends. Since I'm your only daughter, we have a different bond than the bond you have with my brothers. You have always been one of the people who have stood by my side no matter what and I really appreciate that. I love you!

B- Since we are the closest in the family, I have considered you as one of my best friends for many years now. Like dad,I also know that you'll have my back no matter what. Since you moved out of state, we obviously can't talk in person but we still have phones and Facebook to communicate. It's fun having similar taste of TV shows and talking(you-complaining. Lol) about them. I love you.

J- We haven't hit our one month yet but I consider you as one of my best friends. Before we actually met in person, we talked for almost a month. With my terrible history of past relationships,I had sadly put up walls around me but there was something about you that I quickly tore them down when we met. Thanks for helping me with that. I can't wait to see what happens in the future.

Al- I'm so happy I met you in college. You're an amazing friend who quickly turned into an unbiological younger sister. I love our phone calls because it feels like I actually have a sister and I never experienced having a sister before. I promise we will meet one day.

B- We met a few years ago and our friendship started pretty quickly. I feel so loved by your family and pretty much feel like part of it. Thank you for being an older unbiological sister and not being annoyed when I come to you to vent or complain about things.

K- We too met through college.Thanks for always being there for me.  You're a great friend. 

Am-  We recently just became friends two months ago but whenever I text you, you're always there for me. I really appreciate getting advice from pretty much from an unbiological older sister.

<3 Amanda

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