Tuesday, June 14, 2016

There Need To Be Peace

The past couple of days, I've been reflecting on the tragedies that has happened recently. The only thing I can ask myself is "Why?" Why do people have to be so mean and take innocent lives away? It's not up to them to decide that those lives weren't needed on this earth anymore.

Christina Grimmie was only 22 years old.She was very talented and impacted so many people lives. She was in Orlando just signing autographs for her fans. She had her whole life ahead of her and one person decided that she shouldn't have the chance to live along life. Thinking about myself, I'm 25 years old. She will never get to be 25. She'll never get the chance to get married, have children, become a grandma and etc.  But I know she's singing and looking down on her family, friends and fans. Adam Levine is such an amazing human being because he offered to pay for her funeral and etc. We should all look at him for how to be a great American.

Then there was another shooting this weekend at a nightclub again in Orlando. This time one man decided to shoot many innocent people, killing 49 and injuring 53. I heard that there were 50 killed but one was the shooter, which I agree we should only say the 49 innocent lives were taken because we shouldn't even talk about the shooter and give him more publicity. It is said that the shooter decided to go to that nightclub because he didn't agree with being gay. Who cares what he thinks or anybody else who doesn't agree with being gay? It's not their choice to tell people how they should be. I support same-sex couples because they are just like everyone. I have friends and a brother who is gay but I see them like everyone. I see their qualities and how they treat people. I don't see them as "Oh,he's gay, no I see them as an human being and an American. Being in American, you can decide who you are. Nobody should bullying you, kill you because they disagree with you, etc.

I've been seeing clips and videos of celebrities and You Tubers talk about the recent tragedies and I just want to cry along with them because is this how the next generation and the generations to come will see American and think that this is right? We need to put an end to this. Everyone's life is worthy and everyone should be allowed to live a long and happy life and not be afraid or fear that wherever they go, something is going to happen.

If you would like to help Christina's family or the families of those who lost their lives, you can go to these GoFund Accounts. Even if it's just $5 or even less, I promised you that it will still be greatly appreciated. Also, there is a need for blood donations. Though there is not a guarantee that your donation will go to Orlando, your donation will still help someone in need.

.Christina Grimmie
Orlando Victims

Today, I seen on Facebook that there was an armed man in a Wal-Mart in Texas who kept hostages. The police killed the man and the hostages were all safe.This needs to stop! It's like every time I check my Facebook, I see reports of another shooting.

I wanted to close this post by saying be nice to everyone you meet. Give them a smile or ask how their day is going. You may change someone's day. You never know what someone is going through.I want to say if you need someone to talk to, you are always welcomed to send me message through here using the contact form.

<3 Amanda


  1. I loved this piece you have written and I actually feel the same way about it!I was actually going to write something similar to this ;)Keep spreading the positivity :)


    1. Thank you so much! If you write a post similar to this, I would love to read it. I try my best at spreading positivity. I want to let people know that they have at least one person who they can send a message to and they will respond and talk to you.