Monday, June 27, 2016

Favorite Educational YouTubers

Like most people, I like watching YouTube and it's fun and educational for me to watch teachers who have channels. My Associate's degree is in early childhood development and I'm in the process (with the exception of a summer leave of absence) of getting my bachelor's degree in early childhood development. I have been liking two YouTubers for a while now who are teachers. Now my degree is for early childhood but the teachers I watch and learn from teach middle school and late elementary school but I still learn a lot from them and they both seem like great teachers to have,be co-workers with and look up to as role models.

The first teacher is Bridget and her channel is called The Lettered Classroom. She used to teach kindergarten but she's going to be teaching 4th grade this upcoming school year. I think she's a great teacher and she has so many videos to help other teachers or those who are going into the field. She has plan with me videos, organization videos and much more.If you want to check her channel out, click here. She also has a blog, Instagram,Facebook, Pinterest, a TPT store and much more. You should really check her channel and other accounts out, you won't regret it. 

My second channel that I want to give a shout-out to is toocoolformiddleschool blog. Megan is a middle school teacher and like I mentioned above, my degree is in early childhood development but she's still a great teacher to look up to. She has variety of videos beside teaching videos. She has favorites videos, hauls and more. You should check out her channel located here. She too has other accounts such as Instagram, Facebook,a TPT Store and more.

Do you have any teachers that you watch on YouTube? If so, please leave their channel down below.

<3 Amanda 

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