Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day In The Life In Pictures (DITL)

I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life but in my own way.  I wanted to get an earlier start but unfortunately I didn't so the first picture is from around noon.

My brunch was scrambled eggs with cheese on toast. You might be asking if that's coffee and the answer would be..nope. It's coke.

While I eat breakfast,I like to watch YouTube videos and this morning(well...not really),I decided to watch JHouse Vlogs. You can check their channel out here. They are a great family to watch and Jeremy and Kendra are a great example of how parents should be.

Then it was dishes time..We do have a dishwasher but for some reason I wanted to wash them by hand. This was the before picture.

After picture! All done!

Later on, I got my tablet and played Best Fiends. I think I'm on like level 13. If you play, what level are you on?

Beef Ravioli is what for dinner tonight.You could call me picky because I don't really like hamburger because of the grease afterwards but I will eat these.

Time to hit the shower! These are the items I used in the shower tonight. Not pictured-soap. If you want to see other items I use in my shower routine, click here.

Dessert; Chocolate lactose free ice cream with sprinkle of course  (I'm lactose intolerance-fun fact).

That was my Wednesday. I also worked on my blog, chatted with my boyfriend on Facebook, played Best Fiends again and ate popcorn. My seminars for this term are over so if I had my Wednesday class, it would have been from 9-10 pm. I did find out my final grade for this class and I'm happy to report that my final grade is 99.20%!   :) 

I hope you all had a good Wednesday. Now it's time for me to go to sleep...Well, play Best Fiends and watch YouTube videos before I fall asleep. Goodnight all!

<3 Amanda 

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