Thursday, June 2, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is the 19th of this month.I thought I would give you some ideas of what you could give or make your dad. You could go really simple and do something like a "diy" craft or go on a more extreme level;it's all up to you.

  1. Write a letter to him.You could tell him all the reasons why you love having him for a father or you could thank him for things he has done for you in the past. In my opinion, dads really likes letters as they come from the heart and hand written letters are the best.
  2. Get him his favorite snacks and candy
  3. Get him tickets to a sporting event if he likes sports
  4. Make him breakfast in bed
  5. Make him a cake or sweet treats.
  6. Take him out for breakfast,lunch or dinner
  7. Take him to a movie
  8. Make a slide show for him of pictures of him and yourself (or with siblings if you have any)
  9. Give him a hug 
  10. Buy him a new shirt
  11. Just spend time with him
<3 Amanda 

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