Friday, June 10, 2016

Dear Bullies

Dear Bullies,

I first just want to say "I made it". I graduated high school,have my Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Development and currently going for my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development. I'm proud to tell you that during my Associate year and into my Bachelor's year, I have always been on either the President's List or Dean's List.

You may have thought since you bullied me,I would give up and not go for my dreams and goals but you thought wrong. I'm still going for my dreams and goals. They are my dreams and even if you think I won't achieve them, who cares what you think honestly? I don't need people in my life that pushes me down and tell me that I can't achieve my goals or can't reach for my dreams. I need supportive people and people who encourages me. I will achieve my goals and reach my dreams.

From: Amanda 

I hope all of the bullies I had in school decided to quit bullying because bullies are just a negative part of life. We need to put an end to bullying. There is no need to bully others because everyone is unique in their own way.

<3 Amanda

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