Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Do's And Don't's First Date (Relationships)

First dates are always nerve-wracking because you want the other person to like you. I'm currently in my 4th (and hopefully last relationship) and I will say all of my first dates are all different. I have also went on a dates where nothing advanced after that. Here are my Do's and Don't's for the first date:


  • Do something that allows you talk. Some ideas are go to dinner or go mini-golfing,
  • Do something that you both agree with. If one person doesn't want to go mini-golfing, then work together and figure something else to do The same goes for going out to dinner, the restaurant needs to be one that you both agreed on. 
  • Be polite and maintain eye contact.
  • Wear an appropriate outfit. If going mini-golfing, heels probably won't feel very well after awhile.
  • Do ask them questions about themselves (their work, their family, their hobbies, etc.).

  • Don't go to a movie for your first date because you can't talk to one another.
  • Don't rush anything. If a kiss is going to occur,then both people need to want it to happen or it could be an awkward moment
  • Don't talk about past relationships.
  • Don't be on your phone throughout the date as it will make your date feel like you don't care about them and what they are talking about,
  • Don't be sad if the first date is the only date you'll have with that person. There are more people out there in the same position as you.

<3 Amanda 


  1. I would say don't pre-judge too much on a first date. On my first date with my hubby I immediately put him in the friend-zone because I felt no romantic connection with him at all. Luckily he persevered because we've been happily married for 10 years!


    1. That's really good advice. It's good to be friends at first before you take the next step. Although it depends on the 2 how long they will be just friends for. Every couple is different.