Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What's On My Tablet?

The tablet I have is the Samsung Galaxy Tab3. I have a variety of different apps. If you have an app that you love and enjoy,please leave it below in the comments. For starters, I have the regular apps like alarm, calculator, calendar, camera and so on. I rarely use the alarm or calendar as I use my phone for those.

The games I have are:
  • PapiWall
  • Bouncing Balls
  • Words (which I don't use anymore so I don't know why I still have it)
  • Speed Card
  • Shoot Bubbles
  • Basketball
  • What's The Word? 4
  • Word Search
  • Unicorn Dash
  • Fruit Ninja Free
  • Temple Run 1 &2
  • Match Up
  • Flow Free
  • Magic Piano
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Subway Surfer
  • Guess What?
  • Best Fiends

Some other apps that are not games are:
  • YouTube
  • IMDB
  • Amazon
  • Zedge
  • UPS Mobile
  • Final Countdown
  • Yahoo Mail (needed)
  • LMCU for banking
  • Pandora
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook and Messenger (duh!)
  • My college's app
  • Sound Hound
  • Target
  • Skype
  • Mandala Coloring 

<3 Amanda 

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