Monday, May 23, 2016

A Letter To A Teacher Who Left Us Too Soon(BEDM Day 23)

Dear Abbey,

You sadly left us this past November. They said that it was brain tumor caught too late and that you thought you were just having a really bad migraine. When I read a Facebook status that a former classmate wrote on Facebook the Friday you passed away, I just lost it and I didn't want to believe that you were gone.I had you for science in 7th grade and you helped me so much. I was shy back then and didn't feel confident enough to present a project in front of the whole class so you let me present it in font of you and two classmates. You saw that I was nervous and didn't feel confident enough so you didn't make me present it in front of the whole class. To this day, I still appreciate that because it showed me that you cared about me.
Even after I moved onto high school,you still cared about me. Whenever I would email you and update you on something, you would tell me good job. That meant so much to me. You were one of the teachers who impacted me and inspired me to go in the education field to give back what you gave me and that was encouragement, support and just the feeling that you cared about me and wanted me to succeed.
I know that if you were still here today, you would tell me that you're proud of me.You would tell me how proud you are of me that I'm in college and going for my goals. You would be proud of me that I graduated with my Associate's Degree in early childhood development last year and that I'm not stopping there. I'll be honest, bachelor's year is stressful and some courses and/or assignments are harder than others.There has been times when I look at the discussion question and ask myself if I can do this but then I remember I have a mentor looking down on me and telling me that I can do this and that she's proud of me. I miss you, Abbey!

From: A former student

<3 Amanda 

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