Thursday, May 12, 2016

Letter To Ex #1

Dear (I'll just call you by the first letter of your name) E,

Thank you for breaking up with me through text about 4 years ago even though you lied to your family about why you broke up with me and I had to tell your mom the real reason of you breaking up with me, You claimed that I wasn't communicating with you like you wanted me to but the real reason was when you kept moving my hand somewhere and I kept pulling my hand away, you got mad because I wouldn't do something, When I told your mom the real reason why you broke up with me, she said that you don't have any sisters, so you didn't know what you were doing was wrong. Bull crap, you were, I think, 26 at the time.You were old enough to know what you were doing was wrong. We then hung out again a few weeks later to see if anything was still there between us, I could tell that you still liked me but I wasn't sure about my feelings. You had to get groceries so I went along. We went back to your house and in that same hour your parents came over ,which was really awkward, We hung out a little bit after they left and the you asked me if I wanted you to take me home which I replied yes. Within the hour,I texted you and said that my feelings for you weren't there anymore.
I begun a new relationship within a month and a half after that night.At that time,I would considered us still friends but you still had feelings for me I could tell.I will never forget the night that I thought you were going to harm me. My boyfriend at the time and I were sitting in his car in the driveway and there was a loud knock at my window.I opened the door and you said "Amanda, what's going on"?  I quickly ran in the house and my dad said "Why didn't you leave?" We didn't see your car,so we didn't know you were at my house,  I tried hiding from you and ran upstairs to my room but thought that you could push me down the stairs so I ran and hid in my brother's old room. You came into the house asking my dad where I was. You found me and started yelling at me.You had me so close against the wall that if you would have pushed me,I would have smashed my head open. I was so afraid and you asked me what I wanted and I screamed at you saying "You know what I want? I want you to leave me alone".You then screamed back at me saying "Fine! I don't want to see you ever again". Then you walked away and your attitude totally changed as you apologized to my dad for acting the way you were acting. I ran to my boyfriend and just cried and cried. He went home and my dad took me to my mom's for the night because we weren't sure if you were going to come back and do anything. Your sister in law and mom were very mean and abusive towards me. They sent me texts and Facebook messages acting like I had just broken up with you when really we wasn't together anymore after you broke up with me and I couldn't see us being together.That was honestly one of the scariest nights in my life. If my dad wasn't home, I don't know if I would be typing this today as I don't how far your temper would have taken you.I had trouble falling asleep for at least a week because whenever I would close my eyes,what happened could replay over and over again
Lastly, since that night I have never seen you again,I know that you're marred now so I guess the nice thing to do would be to say congrats..I'm still looking for my right guy but I know God will show me who he is eventually


Amanda . 

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