Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dear Grandpa N.(BEDM Day 19)

Dear Grandpa N,

It has almost been 9 years(in October) since you left us. I miss you. I'm not a big gum chewer but  I have chewed gum a few times recently and every time I had a piece, I thought of you.Although it was Extra Gum and not Wrigley's Gum. You're probably up in Heaven playing War with Grandma. I loved playing War with you. I have memories of going up north to the cabin and the family reunions. 
I hope as you're looking down on me that you're proud of me. I hope that you're proud of me for graduating high school back in 2009. And now that I have graduated with my Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Development with being on multiple President's Lists and only two Dean's Lists,I believe. After achieving that goal, I'm currently in my Bachelor's Year and there has been courses and/or assignments that have been hard for me but I pushed through the struggles and do my best.
I just wanted to thank you for raising an awesome son. My dad is an incredible dad. He's always there for me, and not just an amazing dad but a friend as well. 

I love you Grandpa and I miss you but I know I'll see you one day!

 Love Your Granddaughter,

<3 Amanda 

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