Sunday, May 15, 2016

News Story on "Baby in hot car death identified"

I seen this news story on Facebook a few days ago and I have been thinking about it. I wanted to give my opinion of what happened.  This news story is such a sad tragedy that occurred in Mississippi. A mom went to pick up her daughter from daycare after work but the workers at the daycare told her that she never dropped her daughter off at daycare that morning.  She then went back to her car and found her daughter in her car seat in the back seat. A sheriff called what happened a "tragic accident". In the article it read "Investigators believe that the toddler remained in the mother's vehicle throughout the day as temperatures reached the mid 80's.".

My opinion is how can you not know your child was still in the car? She needed to look in her rear view mirror to drive which means that she would have seen her daughter in her car seat.  I'm not yet a parent but I just don't see how a parent could leave their child in the car for almost the whole day and not realizing it. I'm not saying that she left her daughter in the car on purpose because it could have been a "tragic accident" but if it they find out that it was just an accident, she should have jail and possibly a fine. What are your thoughts about this news story?

<3 Amanda 

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