Monday, May 16, 2016

What's In My Purse(BEDM Day 16)

I thought it would be fun to do today's post about what's in my purse. This also helped me clean out purse.

Brown purse with hand sanitizer attached to it because it's always good to have clean hands(and of course the holder is pink!)

Two pens and Extra Peppermint Gum and Ice Breaker Watermelon(Which I recommend).

Female products as I am a female. 

Wallet (Kenneth Cole Reaction)

3  pairs of mittens....why??? It's May although it did snow in other cities today

Tweezers set, band-aids,Kleenex, deodorant and 5 chap sticks. Guess I like to be prepared as I don't like my lips feeling chapped.

Headbands,clips and a whole pile of hair ties. Can't have too many,I suppose.

One of my favorite key chains and the meaning behind it. It's Pink,the letter of my name,my favorite shape and it to support breast cancer.

Random key chains and lanyards,and pink monkey!

Midol for those terrible cramps and Excedrin to get rid of headaches.

2 mirrors,one has a brush inside and a Pop Beauty Crayon in Rose Romance and a Star Looks lip pencil in Tickle Me Pink.

A key chain that my dad gave me one year for my birthday or for Christmas.

A random keychain I found one day and then a key chain that my brother got me when he was in Hawaii 

<3 Amanda 

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