Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Is Love?

Growing up, children see their parents and other adults show affection to one another and base their view of love on what they see around them. When I was growing up, I could see that my parents were in love but then it was like there was a switch that went off and then they weren't in love anymore.I feel like I know the reason of them falling out of love but not going to say anything in case I'm wrong. I feel like they held on as long as they could for my brothers and I until they(one person) decided on divorce to be the answer. When I was younger, I knew that some of my friends' and cousins' parents were divorced and I thought my family was different,in a good way, because my parents were still together.

When I think about being with my future significant other, I have a list of what I want in a significant other and in a marriage. I'm currently 25 and I have only had 3 relationships,which I'm perfectly fine with. The first one ended between a month and a half and two months because he wanted to do something I wasn't ready for, the second one ended after three years when we were getting ready to get married but he called the engagement off and my last relationship ended four days shy of two months because I felt like he just wanted sex and being in a relationship is more than just sex. There's more information that goes with each relationship but that's just the general of what occurred I'll be honest, I'm happy that my ex-fiance decided to call off the wedding because I would definitely be more of a wreak then I was if we went through with the wedding and then he decided to divorce me.

I know my guy is out there and maybe I already know the guy or maybe I don't but I know that God will show us that we are meant to be when He feels like it's the correct time. I feel like I'll know what love is supposed to feel like when I meet the right guy. He'll be respectful,caring, kind and not abusive at all. Those are just a few things I'm looking in my future significant other.

<3 Amanda

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