Sunday, May 22, 2016

Favorite Dresses(BEDM Day 22)

Hey guys! As I was organizing my clothes recently, I was saying (in my head) which items of clothing were my favorites.I decided to separate my favorite items in different categories ( dresses, shirts hoodies, and etc.). The first category I'm going to show is dresses. I'll try to remember where I bought them and I'll try to find a link if I can find it or ones that are similar. By the way, I also added a jumper/romper to this category.

  • Xhilaration Jumper/Romper 
  • Purchased at Target 
  • Similar Jumper/Romper

  • Xhilaration Dress
  • Purchased at Target
  • Couldn't find a similar dress     

    • Gift from a friend and was purchased off Amazon
    • There is no tag that says the brand     

    • Wallflower brand
    • Purchased at Meijer
    • Was super happy when I purchased this dress. It was originally priced like twenty something then it was on clearance for around $16 and then when I paid for it, it only rung up for around $7.

    <3 Amanda 

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