Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Who Am I? (BEDM Day 31)

When I asked myself the general question: who am I,I come up with a list. I am a:

a daughter
a sister
a cousin
a friend
a girlfriend 
a granddaughter
a niece

Those are just the normal titles people give themselves.When I think of the question on a deeper level,I come up with this list:

  • I am a daughter who I hope my parents are proud of me for graduating high school and then graduating with my associate's degree last year and continuing onto my bachelor's degree. I try to be the best daughter I can be as they only have one.
  • I am a younger and older sister.I may not have liked having three brothers growing up but I really liked having three brothers now as I know they will always have my back and always stand by my side.
  • I am a cousin.and niece  I may not see all of my cousins and uncles/aunts as we are all spread out and we might not all get along but I still have to be related to them.
  • I am a friend. Even though I don't have any biological sisters,I have been blessed with some unbiological sisters and hopefully when I get married, I will gained at least one sister-in-law.
  • I am a girlfriend who I hope I continue to make my boyfriend happy. Who knows? He might be the one but only God knows the future.
  • I am a granddaughter.I may not be my grandparents' favorite grandchild but they are still my grandparents' and I love them.
  • I am a student.Some days I feel like giving up but I push through the struggles and keep moving forward.
  • I am a blogger who loves to blog. I hope I can help,impact and/or influence at least one person with my blog.

Who are you?

<3 Amanda 

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